5 Reasons To Switch To A Plastic Free Razor


We've just added bamboo safety razors to the site from Shoreline Shaving. To say we're exicted about this is an understatement.

To say that plastic pollution from disposable razors is a problem is an understatement on par with the above. Millions are thrown away each year. It doesn't have to be this way. There are start ups and multi-national companies alike offering alternatives that are not only better for the planet, they're better for your wallet too.

We're one of the little guys though, so we obviously champion our counterparts and we think Shoreline Shaving are one of the best we've found.

Here's 5 very good reasons why you should get your hands on one when you're current disposable razors are on their way out.

🌿 They're 100% plastic free. The handle is made from sustainable bamboo and the head is chrome stainless steel. There's a handy storage bag made from hessian (a plant based fibre) and we'll send it to you in our fully reusable/recyclable packaging.

🌿 It's designed to last a lifetime! That's right, when you purchase one of these lovely pieces you only need to come back to us for a top up of the blades. And all your other bathroom essentials when you need them, of course 😊 Just think of how much money that could save over the course of a lifetime!

🌿 You don't just get the razor, as mentioned above you also get a handy hessian storage bag, your first box of replacement blades AND a handy user guide to show you how to safely fit them.

🌿 Shoreline Shaving are awesome! Seriously, check them out. They share our passion for working to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste and they donate to The Ocean Cleanup for every shaving kit they sell 💚

🌿 Add to your Build-A-Box with our simple and sustainable bathroom essentials and you can save 20% when you spend over £30!

We're sure that's got you itching to get to the plastic free razor page on our site and grab one for yourself, but please be mindful of using your existing products first. When you're ready to buy, we're here.

Shoreline Shaving plastic free razors are available on their own in our plastic free shop or as part of your Build-A-Box. Don't forget you can save a whopping 20% when you spend 30% or more.

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