How It Works

How the Zed Bees Subscription Box Works

Zed Bees is on a mission to provide you with the highest quality, everyday bathroom products, without the plastic waste. Our team curates a box of freshly made hand soap, body soap, shampoo bar and toothpaste tablets each month. Absolutely no plastic is present in our products or our packaging. You simply recycle or reuse the small amount of cardboard and paper our products are packaged in.

Does the Subscription Box contain the same products each month?

No, not exactly. The aim of the box is to provide you with a hassle free way of accessing quality, plastic free versions of your everyday essential bathroom products. The box always contains 2 soaps, a shampoo bar and a month's supply of toothpaste tablets. We appreicate that variety is the spice of life however, so we source a wide range of soaps depending on the season, what's new from our suppliers or simply what we think you'll love!

Where do your products come from?

All our products are sourced for independent, UK based makers and suppliers. We're hugely passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and so we're always on the look out for local artisan products in the North West of England (where we're from!).

What are Zed Bees company values?

We're passionate about reducing plastic waste, which we've been doing as a family for the past 6 or 7 years now. Our products are as zero waste as they can be, with only a small amount of recyclable cardboard used for packaging. We believe that removing the source of the problem - the plastic packaging - is the best way to tackle a massive problem on a small scale, step by step. 

We're also committed to changing the notion that 'eco' products have to be considerably more expensive than high street brands. Yes, our soap is slightly more expensive than a mass produced one you can buy in a supermarket, but that's because it's made by hand in small batches and those processes are more expensive. At just £10 a month though, we feel we've found a solution whereby 'eco-consumerism' can be affordable, high quality and better for the planet.

Interested? Subscribing takes just 2 minutes and there's loads of benefits that come with it. To get started just click here.