7 Top Zero Waste Bathroom Tips

Zero Waste Bathroom

The idea of switching all the products you've become accustomed to over the years can be a daunting one. The convenience that comes with getting our bathroom essentials in plastic bottles and wrapping is hard to ignore.

However, with a little will power, and these 7 handy tips, you can create a zero waste bathroom free of single use plastics and what's more, you'll feel more radiant and refreshed inside and out, every day...


1. Be Realistic

Take your time, you can't switch everything out straight away. You can't completely avoid plastic immediately. Do your research so that when you're ready to switch a particular product you know what you want and where to get it.

2. Use What You Currently Have

It'll be tempting to just throw what you have in the bin and replace it with lovely handmade, natural alternatives. Perhaps even The Starter Box from Zed Bees. Don't. Throwing half used shampoo bottles away only adds to the problem, causing more unneccesary plastic waste. So use it all up, the bottle may come in handy anyway (see below) and when it's all gone, then it's the time to get your hands on The Starter Box :)


3. Reuse Plastic Bottles

Those plastic bottles that have been sitting on your shelf can come in handy for years to come, rather than very slowly rotting in landfill.

We have a wonderful Lavender & Tea Tree Conditioner Bar from Friendly Soap available in our Plastic Free Shop. It can be used as a bar - you can simply lather it up in your hands - but it can be dissolved in water and stored in a reused bottle. Perfect!

4. Support Small Business

Ok, so not strictly essential to creating a zero waste bathroom, but there's an abundance of small business popping up all over the place at the moment. (We know, we work with some of the best!) They're focused on producing quality products with natural ingredients which don't cost the earth (in more ways than one). So if you use a particular brand because it contains essential oils which work with your skin, there'll be a natural, organic alternative out there to try. It might just take a little research. We mentioned feeling radiant inside and out at the start of this article, and this will definitely help with that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

5. Start With The Basics

A bamboo toothbrush, perhaps? A bamboo toothbrush can cost as little as £2.50 and can go on your compost heap when you're done. Or perhaps ditch the face wipes and replace them with our natural, cotton alternative. Or the easiest one of all (in our opinion) is to switch liquid hand soap for an old school bar. Just as hygenic but without the plastic waste.

Organic Cotton Make Up Remover Wipes

6. Treat Yourself

Any change in lifestyle is challenging, so set yourself realistic goals and when you stick to them, treat yourself!

7. Stick At It

Once the contents of those plastic bottles has dwindled down and you've made some of the most simple swaps, it'll soon become apparent how much less waste you're creating. So keep going, find the products that suits you and stick at it!

Zed Bees aims to make it as simple as possible to find plastic free alternatives to the bathroom products you use every day. The Monthly Box, our eco-friendly subscription box, contains handmade soap, an organic shampoo bar and toothpaste tablets. New to zero waste? Try The Starter Box and you can even add more essentials with The Build-A-Box.


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  • Joy Woodhead

    My dsughter bought me the starter kit for Christmas. Very impressed the smells are wonderful what a great idea i have told all my friends about these fantastic products. Will be definately making another order keep up the good work

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