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Why Subscribe? 5 Benefits Of The Zero Waste Subscription Box

One of our main beliefs here at Zed Bees is that we should always aim to be the best possible eco-warriors that we can, both here at our office and to our customers at home too. We can provide all the bathroom essentials that you need in these unprecendented times (and beyond!), without ever having to leave the comfort of your sofa. That’s right, no bashing trollies at big-name supermarkets, or fighting over that last tube of toothpaste with Margaret. You don't even need a tube of toothpaste, we send you toothpaste tablets and a refillable tin, so there's no waste whatsoever!

In fact, there are a whole wealth of benefits to using our zero waste subscription box services that make us such a great and convenient service. Have a read below to find out the benefits of getting your plastic free bathroom essentials sent direct to your door while helping the planet and, importantly right now, staying home!

We deliver straight to your door

Delivering to your door is 100% World Health Organisation approved. It keeps you, your neighbours, your family and vulnerable people safe. The car can stay in the garage, and you can look forward to the arrival of all your new eco-friendly products. 

We’ll take away the hassle of shopping eco-friendly

Reading through complex ingredients lists across thousands of products is no-one's favourite activity. But that’s what makes Zed Bees so good! We have already hand-picked some of the best local, and eco-friendly suppliers in the business. You can shop eco-friendly, safe in the knowledge we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our products are vegan friendly, cruetly free, contain no parabens or SLS or SLES.

It’s cheaper than buying individual products

We understand that shopping eco-friendly can often be fairly costly, but buying sustainably shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg - after all, we are saving the planet! But by purchasing our subscription boxes, you can expect to save up to 20% of your money, compared to buying similar products individually from many online ‘eco specialist’ stores. So you have some pennies left in the bank to spend (once we’re all out of quarantine!) and you can shop with the earth's needs in mind.

Buy once, don't worry again

We give you the option to either purchase our boxes as a one time gift or on subscription. By using the subscription option, we will deliver one box to your door every month. It’s that easy - and there’s no reason to panic or bulk-buy! Now all you need to do is sit back and relax. 

You can easily cancel, pause or change 

We understand the importance of flexibility and would never make our customers agree to anything they weren’t happy doing. That’s why we allow you to cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time, to give you peace of mind.

So there you have it, just a few of many reasons as to why subscription boxes are so important, not just for now, but all the time. We can help to keep everybody safe, whilst delivering those all-important sustainable bathroom essentials straight to your doorstep. Now, what’s more convenient than that?

Want to give it a try? You can subscribe to our Monthly Box here.

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